• Distribution System and Pipelines Survey
  • Aerial Photograph & Satellite Image Interpretation and Reproduction
  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • GPS Surveying & Digital Mapping
  • MIS & GIS Data Collecting
  • GIS Data Structure & Application Design
  • GIS Equipments, Software & Hardware Installation
  • MIS & GIS Training

Project Experiences of Surveying & GIS Mapping

Project Consultant to survey the layout and detailed design estimate.
For planning, developing and improving rehabilitation and urban parts of the city. Department of Town and Country Planning(DPT) (93328)

Study the impact of underground structures due to the recovery of water pressure.
In groundwater. Bangkok rolex replica metropolitan area. Department of Groundwater Resources. (93329)

Study survey and mapping groundwater step detailed 1:50,000 scale.
(basin area of underground water on the Chao Phraya) Area 1.
Department of Groundwater Resources. (93330)